So, you took interest in Plop and would like to contribute back? This is the right page!

There are actually several ways by which would may contribute to the project:

Whichever one it is, you may also join our IRC channel to discuss issues, new ideas / feature requests and follow Plop’s development.


If you plan on sending patches (or pull requests), please read our documentation on the coding standard used by Plop’s developers first. Your patch will have greater chances to be approved if it abides by that standard when you submit it.

To contribute a patch, you will need a GitHub account. Then you can simply:

  • Fork the code to your own account.
  • Create a new branch.
  • Patch things up as much as you want.
  • Create a pull request with your changes.

Once your pull request has been received, it will undergo a review process to decide whether it can be accepted as-is, needs more changes before having a chance to be accepted or is utterly rejected.

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